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April 7, 2012

Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2_15 question and answer form Structure in toefl

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1. In Simple animals, ¬¬¬__________ reflex movement or involuntary response to stimuli.
a. behavior mostly                                       c. most behavior is
b. most is behavior                                       d. the most behavior

My answer is C, because most used before a noun that can not be calculated to reveal a larger number of the half. A single verb follows the noun that can not be calculated.

2. After seeing the movie __________.
a. the book was ready by him
b. the book made him want to read
c. he wanted to read the book
d. the reading of the book interested him

My answer is C, because of an introductory verbal phrase should precede then noun described

3. You don’t object _________ you by your first name, do you?
a. that I call                                                                  c. for calling
b. to my calling                                                           d. that I’m calling

My answer is B, because to object to is a verb phrase

4. If it __________ rain tomorrow, we’ll have a picnic.
a. wouldn’t

b. doesn’t

c. didn’t
d. won’t

My answer is B, a form of futures as a result, require a form present in conditional sentences

5. The smallest flying dinosaurs __________ of a robin.
a. about the size
b. was about the size
c. were about the size
d. have been about the size

My answer is C, because there must be compatibility between the subject and verb

6. __________ that it might be easier to prepare a better map of the moon than of the earth.
a. To say                                                                          c. The saying
b. The say                                                                       d. It is said

My answer is D, because it forms the passive voice is appropriate it is said

7. In a meritocracy, intelligence and ability __________ more than social position or wealth.
a. which value
b. that are valued
c. valuing
d. are valued

My answer is D, are valued is the main verb and the subject of intelligent ability

8. Sleeping, resting, and _________ are the ways to care for cold.
a. to drink fluids
b. drank fluids
c. one drink fluids
d. drinking fluids

My answer is D, because all the verb-ing should be shaped so that the equivalent

9. The doctor told his receptionist that he would return __________.
a. as early as it would be possible
b. at the earliest it could be possible
c. at soon as possible
d. at the nearest early possible

My answer is C, because to reveal worn as soon as possible .. as ..

10. I wish that I __________ with you last night.
a. want go                                                                  c. have gone
b. could go                                                                d. could have gone

My answer is D, because of the desire expressed in the past time had, would have or Could have and the participle

11. You __________ me because I never said that I would meet there.
a. must understanding
b. must misunderstanding
c. had misunderstand
d. must have misunderstood

My answer is D, as expressed in the form of past and must have a participle

12. The candidate had been a lawyer and __________ before he entered politic.
a. taught at the State University law school
b. a professor of law State University
c. State University had him on their faculty
d. Did teaching in the law school at State University

My answer is B, because the sequence of ideas in a series of sentences that should be expressed in equivalent

13. Although the scientific community had hoped that field of transplantation __________, the shortage of organ donors has curtailed research
a. progressed
b. had progressed
c. would progress
d. progressing

My answer is C, because it had hoped to show That clause with the subject and would be followed by the verb

14. Would you please _________ the listening comprehension script until after you have listened to the tape?
a. no to read                                                       c. not read
b. don’t read                                                       d.  don’t to read

My answer is B, because of a negative demand sentence requires a verb after the phrase would you please or not please do not

15. Before she died, Mrs.Julian _________ an extraordinary diverse business empire, including livestock, catle, and art.
a. established                                                                  c. establishes
b. establishing                                                               d. establish

My answer is A, because the activity of the dead (the dead) are logically stated point of view in the past (the past)


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