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Juni 20, 2012

Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2_Tugas 3_ ACCOUNTING FOR THE BENEFIT TOEFL

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Before we know the benefits of  TOEFL in the field of accounting, we should have to first know exactly what it is TOEFLl?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English language test that was created and developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service) in New Jersey, USA since 1963. This test is used to measure proficiency (proficiency) English speaking person in the academic context.

Any use of TOEFL scores?

TOEFL score is used as a pre-condition for applying to high schools and universities within and outside the country, also for the scholarship requirements. But now not only a TOEFL score is required in the academic environment, but also in several private and public employment agencies in and outside the country as a pre-requirement for job applicants and for the advancement or promotion.

TOEFL Test Objectives

Academic test is used for educational purposes, research or academic-related activities abroad, or in Indonesia. To graduate, usually a minimum value is 550. whereas for S1 is 500, while also being used for purposes of employment, promotion or job assignment. Many companies that install standard English TOEFL employees to see the value of – his. Generally, a minimum TOEFL score is 500 for standard promotions.

TOEFL contains four elements

  • Listening (listening): To measure the ability to hear and listening to English
  • Structure: To measure the ability of standard English grammar
  • Reading: To measure the ability of reading comprehension
  • Writing: As a means to uncover the ability of ideas in written English


TOEFL Benefits in the Areas of Accounting

TOEFL benefits in the areas of accounting that is :

  1. Can make when applying for a job as a Management Train (MT) in a company, one of the conditions which must be English language both orally and in writing a TOEFL score of at least 500.
  2. Easier for us when they want to continue at the Bachelor of Accountancy degree abroad, but it must be remembered that the required minimum TOEFL score ranges between iBT 80-92 or if the PBT equivalent to range between 550-580.
  3. When we are to work in a foreign company, can be easier for us to interact with foreign clients due to loss of skills that have been in practice at the time of test for TOEFL.
  4. Can assist us when required to write financial reports, and financial journals using the English writing and grammar are correct.
  5. Can help to examine the financial statements are presented in English grammar where the ability to read or digest the meaning of the English language is necessary for this.
  6. When we work in a company or a large foreign company can help us, when confronted with foreign clients who do require us to be able to speak or communicate with them by using proper English.

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